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Silicon scar improvement gel

The success of silicon products for the improvement of new and old scars is well demonstrated in numerous medical studies. In the early days silicon sheets were laid over scars. Today, a film-forming, gas-permeable silicon gel performs the same function with the benefit of much better convenience, cosmetic appearance, and the ability to apply your usual SPF30+ sunscreen and make-up over the top. Dr Gunson recommends these products be used after surgical procedures in cosmetically sensitive areas.

We stock silicon products by Stratpharma, a Swiss pharmaceutical company focused on products for skin scarring. We stock their products after trying the range of locally available alternatives. Strataderm® is used for older scars or new scars immediately after the surface skin has healed. Competing products are either more expensive, or contain additional ingredients which dilute the evidence-based silicon effect.

Only a very thin layer is needed, and the tubes should last a long time. 3-4 months application is usually recommended.

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You can now purchase these products directly from our Remuera reception (or Botany by prior arrangement) without a consultation. Feel free to drop in, or contact us.