The much anticipated Dermapen 4 MD has arrived

After an extended delay, we are pleased to have taken delivery of the brand new Dermapen 4 MD. This is a significant upgrade on our previous Dermapen 3 MD dermal microneedling device. There are 12 new features marketed on the new device. From our point-of-view, the most important are:

1. A new "scar treatment" setting which extends the depth of microneedling to 3 mm for stubborn scarring. Depth is digitally programmable in 0.1 mm increments for precision.

2. A 33% increase in microneedle density. The number of needles per disposable treatment head is increased from 12 to 16, creating more rejuvenating channels and more efficacy.

3. Oscillation speed is also increased up to 120 revolutions per second. This translates to a 1920 holes per second; 47.9% more than its Dermapen 3 predecessor.

4. Battery powered operation. This allows much improved convenience, manoeuvrability, and speed.

5. Improved treatment head design to automatically calibrate for precise reproducible needle depth, minimise drag and fluid build-up, as well as prevent any possibility of fluid cross-contamination.

The dermal microneedling process is now a well-established effective and safe skin procedure. Our most common indications are
scarring (old, new, acne, surgical, stretch-marks) and rejuvenation of age and sun-related skin damage (fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and pigmentation).

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