A superior application technique for sunscreen

A recent article published in the Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine medical journal describes a new technique of applying sunscreen which dramatically improves the coverage compared with how most people apply sunscreen. One known issue is the quantity of sunscreen we routinely apply is insufficient. This article suggests appropriate quantities for each body area measured in teaspoons. The second issue is the application technique which will spread the sunscreen evenly minimising the chance of gaps. The principle is to apply evenly spaced spots of sunscreen to the area, then rub them in a circular motion appropriate to the area of the body. UV analysis with photographs were used to compare the new method with the standard method. The new method was superior in the following parameters: evenness of spread, amount applied, and body surface area covered.

The article is available free at:

You don't need to read all the detail but the table at the top of the third page is most important, as it explains the technique in pictures.