Routine daily sunscreen advised

We have long recommended the routine application of daily facial sunscreen as an important strategy against sun-induced skin ageing and skin cancer. Now it's official…

The peak bodies responsible for sun safety advice in NZ and Australia have adopted a new policy recommending people apply sunscreen daily as part of their morning routine - just like brushing our teeth. The policy change follows an Australasian Sunscreen Summit in Brisbane last year. Prior to this, sunscreen was only recommended prior to anticipated outdoor exposure. It is now officially recognised that we get a lot of incidental sun exposure from everyday activities such as walking to public transport or to/from our car, walking to lunch, putting out the washing, having work breaks outside etc.

The new recommendation sticks with the traditional threshold of applying sunscreen when the UV index is 3 or greater. It is worth noting however; recent NZ study evidence suggests relying on the UV index may still lead to over-exposure.
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